Saturday, May 14, 2011

Re-Start and Off to WInni!

Its been a while…well, actually, its been a long while (at least three months). However, now that I am on my way to Winnipeg I thought I would re-establish my blog. I hope my past months of slacking have not tainted its reputation in your eyes. My plan is for this blog to continue as an expression of my life angst’s, articles that I find interesting and inspiring, and simply note-worthy life events. It’s a way to stay connected, keep those that matter in my life updated, however since it is a public domain I plan on keeping it fairly impersonal, so if you REALLY want to know how I'm doing, shoot me an email.

Revamp here we come!

A few months ago I decided to move to Winnipeg. It is a big step; I am scared, but also excited. When people asked me why I was moving to Winnipeg I never had much of an answer, “Uh, family and friends?”, “It’s a groovy scene there…”, which for some reason seemed somewhat unsatisfying for them, and slowly I started to wonder about my reasoning too.

How do we make choices? What defines a good versus bad choice? Are there bad or good choices or are there “just” choices? I find that if one moves because of a job, significant other, or school, then moving is socially acceptable/understandable. But what if one moves just for life? What if it just feels like the thing to do? In case you are wondering, that is why I am making my move. I don’t know if it’s the right choice to make, but then again I am not sure I believe in right or wrong choices. As my aunt says, “it’s not the choice that matters, but what you do with the choice once you’ve made it.” So here I go about to do something with the choice!

I am at a stage in my life where it would be really nice to root down somewhere for a bit. I don’t know what that is going to mean, how it is going to manifest, but I just feel like my soul needs it. There are so many things I want to do with my life that I will most likely move around throughout my life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t grow roots. Within the past 6 years I have grown so used to (and fond of) moving that the longest I have ever been in one place is 8 months, however more often then not it was less then 6 month. I blame this addiction to moving on the co-op program, which is a great program, but has created a nomad out of me. Although it is good in many ways, it makes for an impatient, flighty person that is scared of commitment and personal connection. This is why I plan on working on my personal patience. With patience I hope to adjust my perspective on life to the larger picture, focusing on the far off horizon, rather then the shoreline waves (or lack of waves).

Stay tuned as I face life and try to use this new found patience to find comfort with all of the unknowns.

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