Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Job, New Apartment, New life?

Its been a while, yet in that a while a lot has happened. Ain't that always the case?

Before I start rambling, I want to say, Merry Christmas!! I hope you all are having (or will soon) a relaxing, enjoyable time with the family and friends. I love spending time with my family at christmas time, for some reason we always, more or less, get along. The trick now is, how can we extend this to all year?

Within the past month or so a lot has happened in my life, I started a new job at an environmental consulting firm (Enviro-Stewards), got my own fabulous studio loft apartment, and launched my cookie business! So I am rolling in the new, shiny life and its great, however as a result I have had very little time, and what little time I do have, I somehow just dwindle away doing nothing really at all, do any of you have that problem?

brunch celebrating Lisa's birthday, this happened before I a working lady with no free time on my hands...

The job is great, currently its only an internship, but who knows what it will evolve into, whatever happens in the future, the present is pretty awesome. I have learned a lot in terms of the operating system of buildings, where energy losses can normally be located, what calculations and proposals to make for change, and what goes into writing a report. I have also been able to visit a lot of different manufacturing facilities, often feeling as though I am on some tv show that dives into how random things are made...thats me!

The new apartment is pretty rock star too! The ceilings are crazy high, like, church high! Seriously, if you don't believe me you should come check it out, its crazy! Its in a co-op so the idea is that it is more social, and, although I have said hi to a few people in the hallways, there's not a whole lot of social, but apparently that is all trying to be changed! Its really nice though, and I love living on my own, its nice to come home after a long day and just cook, eat, sit, read. That is essentially (well maybe some sleeping, meditating, and crafting now and then) all I do in my apartment! LOTS of cooking and eating! Yum.

"Traditional" cookies, packaged and ready for their eater!

Finally, to tie in with the cooking, my cookies business. Although its still a little baby, it has been launched, which, was somewhat successful. Not as successful as hoped, but a lot of people got introduced to the cookies, and I came away with some really great feedback. I am hopeful and excited about the future of these cookies. After the launch (for which I made 200 cookies with one baking tray! CRAZY I know!) I kinda went in pause/rest mode for the cookies, just in terms of making more dough, getting the word out there, etc., which is not very strategic, but you gotta look out for yourself right? However, soon, the cookies, will get reeved back up, so WATCH OUT!!

And now, here we are, its christmas! How did we get here? I really don't know. Its been a crazy year, full of transitions, changes, disappointments, surprises, successes, joy, and love. I have really loved it all, and although I perhaps didn't at the time, I appreciate all that I have gone through this year. I can't wait to reflect on the year, but that will be my next entry in a week or so (hopefully!!)!