Monday, July 6, 2009

"Rubbish" photos as promised

Taking in Life

As one returns home, we often quite the updates we had going on to friends and family while away on adventures overseas or somewhere else, however being at home can bring just as much excitement, enjoyment, and adventures as being away! This is a realization I became aware of, ironically enough, when I was away from Waterloo in Singapore.

So whats so exciting about life in waterloo? Well, life itself. As I continue to be unemployeed, I am taken back by how busy I am, even WITHOUT a job. This being the first time I have had a chance to take sometime and write a new blog post in the past month, its kinda radiculous! During this insainity I have found joy in friends, crafting, yoga, cooking, eating, and running. I have also been reading, doing a LITTLE gardening, and started to volunteer once a week. Mostly yoga and running has taken over my life in a wonderful way. Today I taught my first yoga class, less then 3 hours ago I was up there in front of all the other student yogi's in the room bending and twisting my body away on that mat, and what an awesome time. I was nervous, yet there is also something I really loved about it. I love having that connection with the students. I am shy (although many people I know would disagree) so I takes a lot of effort for me to just chat it up with someone next to me with for no real reason. However, when I am the teacher, then as the teacher it is also my duty to interact with the others, which is awesome! So here I go, plunging into the crazy world of yoga. Its scary in a way, cuz you don't realize how deep the pool really is until you stick your toe in. There is so much to learn about yoga!

What else is exciting about life?! Well, I have started to sell my own jewelry at a store called RareFunk, however I also am selling pieces directly to customers, so if there is something you want, give me a shout. My line is called "Rubbish" and I will be posting pictures of a few of the pieces I have made very shortly! If your interested in it, give me a shout, I would love to hear from you! I love recycling, being creative, and making jewelry, and when others love it too its even better!

There is so much more going on in my life, but what really makes life special, no matter where you are in life, is those random encounters, awkward moments, and oh so sexy times with friends. Random encounter: bumping into Kurt (whom I havn't seen in 2 years) in the toronto subway last weekend, awkward moment: discussing ways to make one "feel good", and finally, the sexy times:

Love, live, laugh, and say no to stress!