Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Time

Wow, its been a while since my last post! This past month has been a little crazy though, for several reasons:

1. Ending my co-op term in Ottawa

2. Friends coming up to visit in Ottawa

3. Christmas time crafts

4. Getting ready for my exciting trip to Singapore!

5. And of course, CHRISTMAS!

Ottawa was a fabulous city to live in this past term, I was sad to say good-bye when my parents 
came to get me. It is filled with lots to do, many green spaces, and lots of ways to meet and make new friends(an essential when you come knowing no one, as I did). 

I enjoyed many nights of soccer games (our team got 3rd place!), vegan potlucks, yoga, art, and random events! It will be missed! When the snow began to fall it transformed the city into somewhat of a winter wonderland, although cold, and sometimes fairly challenging to walk through on my hour walk to work, it was beautiful. That is one thing I will miss when in
 Singapore, the beauty of snow, not the cold of winter, but the beauty of snow. If we could some how have snow without cold that would be amazing, but you can't have it all!

The holidays, although slightly slightly insaine, as I am running around like a crazy duckling trying to get everything together for my lift off to Singapore, has been wonderful! It's so nice to have down to time to see family and friends, sleep in, bake bread with dad, and decorate gingerbread with mom. Through a party with the friends and go out for coffee for chats, its all so important in life and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I had no idea what I wanted for christmas, but just being around all those that I care so much about, spending time doing nothing but being with one another is so important and so fabulous! We don't get enough of that with our crazy lives of running about hear and there getting everything on our to-do list tell you the truth, I even have a to-do list for the holidays, its horrible! But still, its nice to spend this valueble time I have right now with those I love, but before you know it I will be off on a plane to SINGAPORE!!!

So Singapore, yep another chapter of time. What to expect? I have no idea, and I like it that way. In actual fact I think I have formed too many expectations already, expecting the government to be crazy strict, school to be fun, and travel to be a breeze. All of these may prove to be false, but they may also prove to be true.

For those of you just stumbling onto my blog, I will be attempting to update it more recently then this past term with my adventures in Singapore. They may include more observations and less thoughts then my last posts, however it is hard to tell what the future will bring. I doubt the thought bubble will disappear completely!

As I type this it is foggy, slushy, rainy, and miserable outside. I dream of being in Singapore, where the sun is shining and sweat drips off my nose, but I am hear and will continue to enjoy it. With that said, I am going to go curl up with one of the many books I received this christmas, I love books!