Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BOREAL FOREST!!trees...caribou...fresh air

The Boreal Forest. What is it? No really, what is it? Many of us have heard of it, maybe talked a bit about it in school, but how many people know the significants of it, and the stress it lives under.

After canvassing I am starting to learn a lot more about the Boreal, and frankly, fall in love with it.

The heart Boreal Forest is the largest intact forest in…THE WHOLE WORLD! That’s right, its bigger then the Amazon!! The reason I say “heart” is because the boreal forest used to be a lot bigger, but because of mining and forestry, the rest of the forest has become broken up and spotty, leaving the heart as the only intact portion left. Can you how big it would be if the other areas of the forest were left unscarred too?! CRAZY!! So it’s big! Since it is home to such a diverse range of animals and plant species, as well as it being the home to over 600 different aboriginal tribes, Canada is in the process of getting it recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. Pretty sweet eh?!

However, Canada is also in the process of DESTROYING the heart. Or at least we are thinking about it. Currently there is a road that goes along the east side of Lake Winnipeg, however they are in process of extending this road. This sucks because it will put a lot of stress on the forest, however it does provide communities that are living in the boreal forest better access to outside goods, which would reduce the cost of food that is brought it. Whether or not bringing in food is the best way to feed such communities is another discustion all together. But anyways, so this road is being created, however along with this a lot of discussion has been going on about Bipole 3, which is a power line which they are planning on running from northern Canada to the USA. The debate is whether or not to run the line down the east or west side of Lake Winnipeg. It’s definitely a hot button topic, which I am faced with every night I go canvassing. There is no answer that will satisfy all parties, every option has draw backs, however, obviously, I am for the west side, as it does not run through the heart of the forest. Reducing the destruction that the forest has to deal with.

However, even if bipole 3 goes down the west side, there is still battle with forestry and mining. Its not that these operations can’t happen, but they need to be done RESPONSIBLY. But who sets the bar? Who watches to make sure the companies are being responsible? And where does responsible end and irresponsible begin? Many questions, perhaps you have a perspective or answer! Lay it out sister/brother!

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