Saturday, July 23, 2011

Canvasing in Nature

I just had to write about last week when I was canvassing. We are currently working in a nieghbourhood on the outscurts of Winnipeg and guess what I saw....a deer and its baby! They were beautiful and I was able to catch a few good photos! Although I loved seeing the deer, it also made me sad to think that we have invaded so much land that was once untouched that the deer are living within our backyards. That is, no doubt, not there natural habitat, and impacts there lifespan, number of children they have, and stress levels.

None the less, they were very pretty.

The Garden is Growing!



My excitment is explosive! The garden is so beautiful! Everyday I visit it I can't help but smile. There are tomatos (although still green), sunflowers, lots of greens, peppers, and...OKRA!! The okra makes me really happy cuz first of all its a special brown type, and second of all its the type of plant that breaks down those stereotypes that certain plants can only be grown in certain areas of the world. True to an extent, but often we don't give the plants enough credit.

I look a bunch of photos of the garden which you can see below.

Also we have been included on an inner city garden tour of Winnipeg! I found this super exciting because, 1. Its my first time gardening, 2. It celebrates the hard work of the other volunteers, and 3. It will show off the garden to people of Winnipeg and hopefully build the gardens strength so that they wont build a building on it (yes they are considering doing this!).

Thanks for dealing with my explosive excitement!