Thursday, May 19, 2011

Assiniboine Flooding

Have you heard about the Assiniboine river in Manitoba? If you live in Manitoba you probably have, since it’s kinda a big deal, however if not, let me elaborate.

I’m no Manitoban, so I may get this wrong, but as far as I understand, the Assiniboine is one of the two large rivers (the other being the Red River) that flows in and through Winnipeg. Usually it’s the Red River that causes flooding issues, however this year the tables have turned and the Assiniboine is reeking havoc. Many farmlands and rural areas have been flooded, since they rest on low-lying floodplains. However, what is so controversial about the flooding is the fact that it was intentional. To save Winnipeg and avoid random bursting of the built up dykes a break in the dam was intentionally made.

As a result several hundreds of individuals had to evacuate, and many farmers have lost what some say to be their entire livelihood for the year. Premiere Selinger says that compensation will be provided, however to what extent in unclear.

Therefore, this is no laughing matter. In fact it was reported that the last time such an intense ordeal has occurred in Manitoba was 30 years ago, I don’t know about that, but I do know its intense. Even in the city the flooding of the river can be seen. Where trees are suppose to line the river there are no longer trees, since they have been engulfed by the rising water level. In Winnipeg there has not been any state of emergency (thanks to the sacrifice of rural communities) however who knows what’s in store.

Last I read the flooding was flowing with a current fast enough to fill 2 Olympic swimming pools every minute, that’s fast, and that’s only the water that is flooding out of the river. It’s a crazy time here, and crazier to think that all those people were sacrificed for me, and for others that are dwelling in the city.

How do you make those decisions? Kill one person to save 4, its still killing. But I would probably have done the same as the premier, its for the greater good. But its no easy choice. I definitely am not jealous of the place that Selinger is in.

Here’s to dry lands.

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