Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New house, new school year, new me?

I love my new home, granted its still in waterloo, only a 10-15 minute walk from my "home home" its a place of peace and friendship. I can feel it. There are 5 of us in it, 5 girls, which may get a little crazy, but its also pretty awesome! We love to cook, and already have experienced many a fabulous meals! With all the chatter in the kitchen as we cook, eat, and just sit, its a great place to find calmness and zen, although perhaps too much zen. Its good now, but once school starts, i will have to train myself to pull myself away from the good times to go to work! It will take some practice, but i know I can do it. On the other hand, I will also have to pull myself away from the work to have fun, which will also take practice. The yin and yang, its all about the balance baby!
Alisha enjoying some much needed R and R.

This summer my friends have been plentiful, which is awesome and I am sooo grateful! I have gone on short trips to cambridge, stratford, the beach, and toronto, all with amazing friends! You guys rock! Without out you, by happy-ometer would be near empty! I can't wait for more adventures of crazy dancing (both swing and sexy random), cooking, potlucks, deep convos, falling asleep at shows, random walks, and perhaps picking up a few sexy men (I need to learn some tricks from one of my friends)!

Giant veggi burger I ordered at Fresh and ate gleefully!

However the summer is now coming to a close. School is about to begin, but don't make the assumption that fun will no longer exist, that theres no time for friends, hah HARDLY!! I am soo excited for school, excited to see my classmates which I havn't seen for just, well, too long! Excited to organize fun events, teach yoga, go to my friends yoga class, and go to class and be challenged academically in ways I never knew possible! Perhaps, hopefully, I will even be working and making a little money. If it sounds busy, well it is, but I am excited! Life is always changing, full of possibilities, oppurtunities, and challenges, which we should embrace!

Amy and I showing our true selves.

I love today, and look forward to what tomorrow will bring, whether its good or bad, both the failures and successes are equally important in life. That is what I have to constantly remind myself.

Oh life...