Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crazy week of Looking for Job and Soul in Halifax

This is kinda a looking into the past post. I do realize it is September 1st, do you?! How crazy time flies eh?! But this post is about August 15th to August 26th, my 10 days in halifax where I scrambled around trying to find a job.

Within the 10 days I think I put out at least 40 job applications, thats a lot! Well I felt like it was a lot. Every place that had a "We're Hiring" sign I walked into and offered my resume, even places that didn't have a sign! Yet no response. I'm either over educated or under-qualified, it sucks being a university grad sometimes. However, I did get an interview, but no cigar, since I was a university grad it made no sense that I wanted to work in retail, I was unrealible, OBVIOUSLY! So I spent many days unhappy with this unjust world, however I was surprised as how many days I did spend with good spirits under my wings.

Amongst all the job applying madness I did fit in some wonderful times though. Everyday I frequented a cafe or resturant, usually for coffee, but a few times I did buy dessert, breakfast, or lunch. This provided me with a little sampling of halifax's finest joints, and let me tell you, there are some pretty cool places. And also every cafe you do go to, you can totally get fair trade coffee! Woot! Some of my favorite places where Java Blend for an everyday, cheap cup of fair trade goodness, Fred. where its classy and slick (good place for a date or interview, plus also a hair salon seems random but somehow works), The Good Food Emporium where the vibe is chillin and they have lots of veggie/vegan options for breakfast and lunch (although I would advise against the vegan french toast, i got it and it was not good), and The Wooden Monkey which is an awesome friends/family/date place with great vegan pizza and tofu-chocolate cheesecake (best seller even amongst non-vegans!).

Aside from cafe/resturant hoping I did spend some time reading and writing and contemplating my lowly existence. well, not lowly, but my existence. I do have a lot of options, I think the most nerve racking thing for me is not having anything set in apartment, job, team, sig. other, etc. so its all open, but there is also no responses coming back! So I wrote poetry, of which I posted one earlier on my blog.

I learned how to hoola hoop! it was pretty rock star. I just built one today and am practicing and learning tricks.

I went on some great runs. across the bridge. around areas I had never been before. Seeing many friends on my runs too...Halifax is big but small, and thats coming from someone who doesnt even live there!!!

I got to meet up with a few friends at different occasions for lunch, coffee, and going out dancing. It was great to find that even in Halifax, a place thats not mine, I can still have some what of a social life. And it was great to see how easily I met new people and made connections with people that just a few days ago were complete strangers. Some of these people were just friends, while others I met and networked through for job/career related reasons and they were all amazing!

I got to visit the new farmers market, which has its ups and downs, but being a market, was still a great time for me. I discovered a vendor selling vegan cinn. buns so I bought one, and some fair trade coffee for breakfast along with some veggies, lentils, and local tofu for my following week. It was perfect! I also tried a sample of lavendar scone which was delicious.

Finally, although no one showed up, I had two jewelry workshops. Fairly depressing that no one showed, but it did give me some time to work on my stuff.

So that was my crazy 10 days of job serious job hunting were pretty awesome, full of randomness in Halifax! Then I was off to Freee School...which I will write about soon...

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