Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trip to Cape Breton

Slackin Tricia is back! Sorry its been so long since my last post!

I am back at the buddhist retreat center and doing great. Today is a day off for me, so after I finish writing this I am going to take off for a run. It has officially become fall here, and its cold, but wonderful.

Lucy and I on a walk to the falls

I spend pretty much every day in the kitchen making meals, cookies, and experimenting with Lucy! Its really great, because we always have way too much fun to call it work. I have already made 3 types of really yummy cookies, and I am trying to figure out a fourth that is gluten free but still yummy, I tried using cocoanut flour the other day but it didn't work so well. If anyone knows any suggestions please let me know!

Beautiful Cape Breton

Last week I went on a trip to Cape Breton with a guy up here at the center. It was so beautiful, Cape Breton is ridiculously beautiful. Everywhere I looked I laughed at how gorgeous it was, it was out of control.

Assembly of Scare Crows we stumbled upon

Destination for our long hike, grey skies, but still pretty

We went on a 20 km hike on the second day of our hike, which was long, very up and downy, but also amazing! Unfortunately the guy I was with got bit 7 times by yellow jackets, out of control eh?! We saw 2 rock whales, and there were cows grazing along the planes by the ocean. There was also these really cool separations of salt water from fresh water everyone, it was neat. The sky was also extraordinarily beautiful! I will let the photos speak for themselves.

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