Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Story/Poem

This past week, although all of my time has been dedicated to scoping out jobs (still no success) here in Halifax, I have also had some time to sit and write in my journal and/or read. I find while walking I do a lot of smiling and also see a lot of smiling go round, thus I wrote this story/poem. It is dedicated to my dad!

My Story of Smiles

My dad would tell me, when your sad just smile anyways
"BUT I'M NOT HAPPY" I would exclaim
"Just try it, it helps."

As if my dad would try to tell me what to do, but I listened
It hurt to smile at first
I felt as if my face was lieing
Why should my face whisper lies to unsuspecting passer byers?

Yet I continued, and the years passed as I continued in silence:
"Hi I feel like shit, let me whisper lies of happyness into your ears"
But slowly these lies became reality

Less days were shitty and more were sunny
My smile began to trump the shit
Shit was turned to gold

The best part of it all?
When I smile at you, you smile back!

Thanks dad for keeping me smiling, even when I didn't want to! Random post, but I hope you all enjoy!

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