Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thinking about Us and The World

This weekend I spent a lot of time pondering our existence, purpose, and impact on this fine world. The mission of any life is to be happy living it, while ensuring human kind lives in-sink with the rest of natural, after all we are just animals, correct? Just like any other animal its about survive and ensuring that survival is aligned with the rest of nature, which is what we have failed. Due to our intense hunger for MORE (especially in North America) we have made a mess of this sacred world. Which means its time to make changes. We can't just stand and watch all hell break loose, however what actions do we take? Is there a solid line of what is good vs bad? Or is this line dotted? Here is where I become confused, as expressed in a journal entry I wrote yesterday.

"Humans are such destructive creatures ehh? Garbage disgusts me and so does our over consuming culture in the West, but we can change this. I was at a "Flick off" rally this afternoon arguing the fact that we need to reduce our carbon emissions, stop global warming and rely only on the energy produced by renewables. Its possible! But we need to change now. No more disposable lifestyle, be conscious of our decisions and how they impact our world. With that said I did go to the Farmer's Market for local produce today. I wasn't planning on buying anything till later this week, but I can't walk past those beautiful rows of produce without buying something!! With bags full of vegetables I ventured over to the coffee shop to read my book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle." She (the author) is discussing the morals behind eating meat and it really does challenge my vegan motives. She hits home when she says a lot of people become vegan because of the factory farming industry and its harsh treatment of both animals and the environment. TRUE! But then she explains situations where raising animals (as free beings) to eventually be consumed after a long, happy life can actually be beneficial to the environment(ie. goats in Piura, Peru). So what morals do I hold on to? I, personally, will continue to enjoy the vegan food-land, however perhaps I should not be so judgemental about family and friends eating animal products if those products are local-organic-free-range. Its not so much the physical eating of the meat that I am against, rather how the meat is raised and its impact on the world. Thoughts to ponder..."

Then I went to a vegan potluck and my thoughts got even more muddled up with the discussions I had with the people who I was sitting with. But good muddling, and amazing people, I need more of these types of people in my life, to understand and accept the views but also challenge them to make you grow and become wiser all in one foul swoop. 


Sarah said...

sounds like you have been doing a lot of pondering Trish :) Definitely gave me something to think about too. I very much agree with having people around you who support you and those who challenge you.

Diana said...

your book had an example about goats in Piura, Peru???
haha what are the chances... what exactly is the author trying to exemplify with this particular example?

I wish we lived closer, then you could teach me one or two new vegan recipes!

love you!