Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fabulous Food

On Sunday I made food in the morning. I guess you could say the kitchen is my church. One of the dishes I made was "Gobi Fry", using the recipe from and I must say I'm pretty impressed. Dispite the fact that I was missing some of the spices, and added onion and chickpeas-- I felt very indian. Some times I wish I was indian, they are so colourful and their food and spirituality is beautiful. When I took it to work on yesterday I wowed the two Indian guys in my office--yea thats right this white girl's got some wicked indian cooking skills! 

Other yummys that have erupted from the kitchen this week include: sauted brussel sprouts(seriously guys they are soo good, I don't know why brussel sprouts get such a bad rep.), peanut butter molasses cookies, tofu "steak" with fried onions(recipe from, really garlicy-good humus, and spicy-molasses-roasted nuts. Oh and tonight after yoga I came home and had a second dinner of creamy squash soup and toast. Sorry about the lack of pictures...I have a few of the recipes though if you want them, a lot of stuff I just wing though!

I can't seem to be able to copy and paste my recipes...they are still to come...

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