Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Birth of a Garden!

A few weeks ago I was hired on to be the community garden coordinator at the University here. Mostly a volunteer position, but still awesome opportunity to learn about gardening! So, before I head over to the garden today I thought I would update y'all about all the little babies in the garden!
So, I have close a limited experience with gardening. I did some woofing last summer, but that was harvesting, not planting! But I go, and try, and see what falls. So far I have planted peppers, tomatos, eggplant, brocilli, green onions, and I think thats it.

I still hope to plant lots of leafy greens, zuchinni, squash, pumpkin, watermelon, beans, and flowers. Today I am going to plant some seeds, so far I just put in seedlings. If anyone has suggestions, please post them! I am very open to help!

Finally, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! Going out to my dad, and all other fathers out there rocking the world and doing there best to be the best father they can be!

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