Saturday, January 3, 2009


I arrived in Singapore two nights ago! Its been a little insaine thus far! I have been overwelmed with jet leg, meeting people, seeing the campus(which is massive!), buying all my nessesities to get settled in, and culture shock! Oh and registration for courses! The NTU courses system is insaine, annoeing and totally not cool!

Apart from all my insaine stress it is a beautiful campus. The following two pictures I just took (about 30min ago) from my dorm(or Hostel as they call campus residences here) room window. Yes thats my view, its pretty spectacular! 
Its so jungle'esk, which is amazing! 

What I find bizarre is how NO ONE cooks here! And I dont mean just on campus students, like very few adults as well...there are things called canteens which is where people buy breakfast, lunch and dinner! THey are very cheap (ie. I spent $4.10 for lunch and dinner yesterday), however not always that nutritious! Lots of rice and noodles, and for a vegan its a bit of challenge...I think I have already broken my veganism, but I do what I can, and thats all I can ask of myself. 

Yesterday when we, a swedish girl i randomly ended up spending the day with and myself, went to the canteen for dinner we started talking to this indian professor there who helped explain what Nori (I believe thats what it was...) is, its a traditional malasian dish, with bread similar to Nan, although greesier, and then toppings. They had a few different veggi toppings, and wanting to try some malasian food we went for it. It was really good, i had a tofu and mixed green veggis topping which you eat with the fried dough stuff...

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D said...

I'm so super excited for your time there Trish! and the view outside your window is just captivating!

take tons of pics so you make me feel like I was there!